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Vitamin C for Weight Loss

Vitamin C Sources

Vitamin C for Weight Loss

The discovery of the effects of vitamin C on our immune system was a major discovery – a sailor noticed that people who ate the oranges, limes and lemons on voyages didn’t appear to get scurvy. At the time this was a remarkable discovery about the healing properties of vitamin C, but today we now know more about vitamin c, including its weight loss effects. The best bit about vitamin C weight loss is that it doesn’t only help in one way, but it actually has numerous effects. It also naturally occurs in a variety of products that taste good so is easier to get into your system than you think.

Weight loss involves you burning more calories than you ingest, either by consuming less than your GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) or by exercising. However if you consume the right calories, you can get more nutrients into your body for each one of those precious kcals. Vitamin C, when found in fruit and vegetables especially, is a good example of a way to get the right calories into your body.

Another effect of vitamin C for weight loss is that your body is more efficient at burning fat when you consume it. This means it’s crucial to any diet, but luckily it can be found in lots of foods that we’ll detail below.

Vitamin C can also help stimulated Noradrenaline which, like its name suggests, is similar in some ways to adrenaline. Noradrenaline hormone supplements may be prescribed to depressed patients as they can improve a person’s mood. However it can also be used as a ‘slimming hormone’. This works by tricking your brain into suppressing your appetite so you don’t feel like you need to eat as much, but it also stimulates your mood so you don’t care as much that you haven’t eaten – think of when you’re busy and in a good mood, this makes your forget about your hunger in a similar way noradrenaline does.

Finally, vitamin C has almost unlimited benefits to your whole body that aren’t all about vitamin c weight loss. These include things like reducing wrinkles, helping the immune system, and helping the eyes and heart stay healthy. It’s been shown that vitamin C can also play a part in the prevention of cancers, strokes, eye healthy and even helping you live longer – there’s no reason not to include it in your diet!

The recommended daily dose of vitamin C varies, but is around 100mg. However, some studies have suggested that 500-1000mg per day, or in some cases even 2000mg per day are optimal. If you want to stick with about 100mg a day then a cup of orange juice will get you this (97mg). Most other vegetables provide you with lots of vitamin C too, for example a cup of cooked broccoli will give you 74mg. Even one medium kiwi fruit will give you 70mg. Another great source of Vitamin C which also aids weight loss is the grapefruit juice.

If you don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables whole, then there are plenty of other ways you can use vitamin C for weight loss. For example, you can add pureed fruits to recipes for soup, eat frozen fruit slices in the summer months, or put a bit of salad in your sandwiches. If you have cereal every morning then throwing a handful of fruit on top will help you on your way to getting your RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance).

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