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Walking for Weight Loss and General Health

walking for weight loss

Women walking for weight loss

Walking is probably the easiest fitness exercise available. The good news is that it’s also very helpful for maintaining your general health. If losing weight or not could be determined by a few extra steps a day, would you walk for weight loss? I’m sure that everyone can find the time and willpower to walk at least 30 minutes a day, especially those that seek weight loss.

Walking is not only helping you to lose weight, but also aids in maintaining a good general health, by preventing a series of serious diseases. It helps with balancing blood pressure, preventing heart disease, reduces the risk of stroke, prevents depression, colon cancer, constipation, osteoporosis and impotence, reduces stress, strengthens muscles, bones and joints, increases the quality of sleep, improves mood and promotes a good feeling.

Walking for weight loss and general health is always efficient. However, to maximize results you need to walk 5 times a week, for at least 30 minutes. It’s also recommended to pick up the pace if you seek for maximal walking benefits. Depending on the type of your walking, walking pace and weight you can burn between 150 and 1200 calories during an hour of walking.

Walking for Weight LossWalking Types
There are a series of different walking types which can help you alternate and increase your weight loss results. Whenever you get bored by simple walking you can switch to walking your pet, child, or to walking with friends and even to walking with friends.
Walking to lose weight is always more efficient when done in group. Chatting and laughing with your friends will make time pass faster and you might even walk longer as planned. However, you won’t be always able to gather your friends, as schedules don’t always match. If you have to walk alone, you can always use a music device and walk while listening to music, or walk in nature and let yourself distracted by its beauty.
Walking on treadmill is another great option. Whenever the weather is bad, or you just want to watch TV while walking you can use your own treadmill. If you don’t have one, visit your local gym. Treadmills are great because they allow you to adjust speed and inclination. Always alternate for diversity!
Walking on sand is also highly recommended. Walking on the beach strengthens your joints (ankles and knees) and burns more calories, as it requires more effort to advance.
Snowshoe walking is ideal if you have lots of snow during winter or you plan to spend your winter holidays in the mountains. Walking on snow burns an impressive amount of calories and brings a lot of fun. Walking with poles in powder snow, on hilly terrain, can help an 180lbs indivdual burn over 1000 calories during 1 hour!

Walking for Weight LossTips
1. Do wear proper clothing while walking. Always check the weather, temperature and gear up accordingly.
2. Do a brief warm-up before starting your walking session.
3. Walk in between meals, optimal time for be in the afternoon or evening. Never walk immediately after eating.
4. Drink a glass of water before starting your walk.
5. Walk together with friends. Chat during your walk and time will pass much faster.
6. Walk in nature. Its beauty will distract you from counting the minutes left. You will breathe clean air and refresh your body.
7. Do walk in snow during winter time! Walking in snow increases the number of calories burned, thus more weight lost. Avoid walking during blizzards, or poor winter weather. Choose treadmill walking at home or at the gym.
8. To increase walking weight loss efficiency, you can walk with weights. This will help you burn more calories and strengthen your muscles.

Walking for Weight LossCalories Burned per 1 Hour
Below you can check how many calories you will burn during an hour for different walking types. This will help you to schedule your fitness routine and you will easily find out how long and how fast you need to walk in order to lose weight.

Walking Types (Speed, Inclination) 130lbs (59 kg) 155lbs (71 kg) 180lbs (82 kg) 205lbs (93 kg)
Walking, under 2.0 mph, very slow 118 141 163 186
Walking 2.0 mph, slow 148 176 204 233
Walking 2.5 mph 177 211 245 279
Walking 3.0 mph, moderate 195 232 270 307
Walking 3.5 mph, brisk pace 224 267 311 354
Walking 4.0 mph, very brisk 295 352 409 465
Walking 4.5 mph 374 443 515 586
Walking 5.0 mph 472 563 654 745
Walking downstairs 177 211 245 279
Walking 3.5 mph, uphill 354 422 490 558
Walking the dog 180 216 252 290
Walking, pushing a wheelchair 236 281 327 372
Walking, snow blower 207 246 286 326
Walking, snow, uphill 386 450 523 595
Nodic Walking 347 414 472 537
Snowshoe Walking (Ideal conditions) 720 850 1000 1200

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