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Warm Homes in Winter won’t aid Weight Loss

Colder homes and weight loss

Colder homes aid weight loss

According to the latest issue of the ‘Obesity Reviews’ journal, warm homes during winter time contribute to weight gain and promote obesity. A British study claims that indoor temperatures during winter have constantly risen in the past few decades both in the UK as in the US. This means that the human body spends less time in cold during winter months, thus burning less calories in order to maintain it’s ideal temperature. All this promotes weight gain and contributes to the obesity epidemic which is currently spreading out in the entire world.

The author of the study, Fiona Johnson, a researcher at University College London, claims that people nowadays spend more time indoors during the winter months, while having access to central heating and an overall increased thermal comfort. All of this leads to reduced thermal stress, and to a restricted range of temperatures experienced daily by the human body,

“…meaning we’re burning less energy. This could have an impact on energy balance, and ultimately have an impact on body weight and obesity.”

We can easily notice that all these environmental chances are exposing us to weight gain. This was not the case a few decades ago, when humans where actually slightly overeating themselves during winter months in order to be able to fuel their bodies with enough calories and be able to keep themselves warm during the prolonged exposure in cold weather conditions.

Of course that exercising and dieting are always the main tips when it comes to weight loss. But environmental factors such as winter indoor temperatures are important when it comes to boosting your weight loss efforts. You need to combine and correct a series of factors in order to fine-tune your weight loss. It’s a similar situation with the one that car manufacturers encounter when they are improving the performance of their vehicles. Yes, an updated engine contributes to increased power and fuel efficiency, but all this can be boosted by improved aerodynamics.

The principle of burning calories for heat is best used by the thermal diet. In fact, turning the thermostat down in your home, workplace or any indoor location is one of the basic thermal dieting tips. You can read an extended article about thermal dieting. Check it out and you will find numerous tips about how to start and embed this unconventional weight loss diet.

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  • Sara June 11, 2011, 10:04 am

    I burn less calories during my winter workouts, than in summer, so I particularly agree with this.

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