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Weight Loss Improves Sex Life

weight loss improves sex life

Weight Loss aids Male Sex Life

You don’t have to look hard around this website to find reasons to lose weight – it improves your self esteem, it increases your stamina and reduces your risk of getting loads of nasty diseases. But here’s another one – weight loss can lead to an improved sex life for men.

A study in Australia placed 31 obese and diabetic men on a diet and measured their sex life and activity before and after the diet. The results showed that a weight reduction of just 5% significantly improved problems the men had with erectile dysfunction and also increased their sexual desire. This makes weight loss an excellent alternative for conditions that one might be tempted to take sexual performance enhancing drugs for.

Furthermore, the obese men showed that urinary tract problems improved. These conditions can sometimes lead to nasty illnesses or be markers of potential problems with a person’s metabolism or cardiovascular performance.

Aside from the medical results scientifically proven by the above study, there are other ways in which weight loss aids a person’s sex life. Natural selection dictates that fitter couples are more likely to mate and people are generally attracted to a fitter person. This is the case as it stimulates an old primal instinct that fitter females are more likely to produce a healthy offspring, and fitter males are more likely to be able to protect their chosen female, thus leading to a more active sex life.

Furthermore, the actual process of weight loss is an attractive characteristic for potential partners as it signifies something about the person – they are willing to work hard and try to meet a goal. Weight loss is difficult, nobody denies that, and if you can show someone that you are the sort of person that is willing to engage in it in order to better yourself, you will be respected.

Finally, weight loss benefits your self esteem massively. You will feel much more confident, and again this can lead to an improved sex life. You might feel more confident to approach people in clubs, or to take people out on dates and ultimately find someone you really care for.

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