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Weight Loss Tea – A Natural Solution for your Diet

weight loss tea
A Great British tradition is that of drinking tea. The idea of tea being a civilised drink originated with the gentry in Britain drinking it regularly; even designating a part of the day to it! Yet, one thing you notice immediately about many of the portraits of the gentry in the 18th and 19th century is how lean they look – not your archetypal overweight, wealthy people that you would expect. Many people overlook the link between tea and weight loss yet it can be an incredibly useful tool in ensuring that you get your figure the way that you want it.

The reason why weight loss tea is so successful is that tea is a natural antioxidant like fruit. It therefore gives you the same health benefits that eating fruit would. Weight loss tea is specifically designed to be a diet tea; that is, one which can be drunk whenever you want when you are on a diet. Obviously, it would be foolish to drink nothing but weight loss inducing tea – that would be like starving yourself, yet by incorporating tea into a diet you will find yourself eating much less. Another reason why weight loss tea is successful is that it naturally heats your body, causing sweating. This removes excess toxins from the body and acts as a detox.

One good diet tea to drink is PG Tips. If you have a cup of this weight loss tea it will add next to no calories to your diet. One tip is to make sure that you have semi-skimmed milk with your tea and use sweeteners; not sugar. This will keep calorie consumption to a minimum. Start the day with a cup of this diet tea and a hint of lemon. This will add a bit of zest and variety and prevent boredom with the drink. Alternatively, try some green tea. With higher levels of antioxidants, green tea is an excellent weight loss tea. Proceed to drink tea throughout the day; perhaps with other flavours.

Tea will make you feel full quicker so will make you eat less. It is an appetite suppressor yet it still provides you with the vitamins you need in your diet. It can be drunk with almost any meal and, with so many different flavours, you will not get tired of drinking it.

Tea and weight loss have been linked throughout the years with good reason! You should add the habit of drinking warm tea. Tea will only aid in your weight loss diet. For more information about one of the best weight loss teas please check our green tea weight loss article.

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