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Weight Watchers Diet Tips

Weight watchers diet

Weight watchers diet

The Weight Watchers diet is one of the oldest and most popular diets in the world today; it has survived across many generations due to the different degrees of dieting the plan offers and the impressive support levels offered all over the world, from contact with trained advisors at head office, to local support groups run by individuals to help those who are following the Weight Watchers diet plan. Research into the Weight Watchers diet has concluded that it is the 3rd most effective diet available in terms of weight loss, and it was proved that it significantly reduced the risk of cardio problems.

The weight watchers diet focuses almost solely around ‘points’. Each food you eat is given a points value, with each point being a mathematical function based on how many calories, grams of fat and fibre the food contains. If you see the formula for working it all out, it does look scary, but Weight Watchers are on hand to help as they give you a piece of paper that does it pretty much for you. The exact amount of points you are allowed each day depends on your gender, your age, the amount of exercise you do, your weight and other factors. It is simple to work out however.

Taking a step back from the points system, the Weight Watchers diet plan is built upon, what they call, their ‘Four Pillars of Success’ which includes support, food, exercise and behaviour. These four things add up to help you lose weight.

The newest Weight Watchers plan offer is the ‘Discover’ diet plan which is aimed at you making the right choices so as not to let temptation take over your dieting efforts. It does this by guiding you to which foods help you stay more full for longer, and how to avoid boredom or stress eating. One example of this is that mixed berries take up 1 point, whereas a slice of pizza takes up 6, therefore you can have 6 bowls of mixed berries rather than one slice of pizza.

Like most diets these days, joining the Weight Watchers diet plan does cost money, but it really isn’t as bad as you think. A good Weight Watchers tip is that the company very frequently has offers on where you can get reduced fees or free membership, so it’s definitely worth hanging on and trying and getting one of these offers as it can save you serious money in the long run.

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