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What’s The Best Way to Lose Weight?

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What’s The Best Way to Lose Weight?

If I would be William Shakespeare I would say “To be, or not to be, that is the question!”. I am another William though and 90% of the e-mails that we receive from our readers state: What’s The Best Way to Lose Weight? That is the question at WeightLossBucket.com. I will try to answer this for everyone, using this article.

Unfortunately there is no best way to lose weight as weight loss techniques vary from person to person. You have to have a good think about why you want to lose weight, how much weight you want to lose and what sort of weight loss techniques you are happy to follow to lose weight. However, if you have decided you think the best way to lose weight for you is to follow a fitness regime, or a diet technique, then there are top methods within each of these categories that work for a number of people that you should follow, a selection of them is provided below.

In general, you can lose weight just by doing any sort of regular and somewhat intense exercise, at least daily if you can, cutting down on your calorie intake, cutting down on non-natural foods, cutting down on carbohydrates or any mixture of these and you should be fine. It is only when you want to lose a serious amount of weight you need to read around for the best ways to lose weight.

Best Fitness Exercise for Weight Loss
If you’re trying to get in the recommended 30 minutes exercise a day, there are a few ways you can spend it; brisk walking, cycling, aerobics or jogging. Usually cardiovascular exercises are the best because they allow you to burn the most calories. With cardio training you can achieve all-around weight loss. The best of those is jogging for 30 hours in terms of number of calories burnt. However, if you want to burn some serious calories in 30 minutes (over 500 in fact) then you should get yourself on a rowing machine. These machines will help you lose the most weight over other common fitness weight loss exercises.

Best Diet for Weight Loss
Diets are difficult to recommend and widely vary in success from person to person. If you need to drop a serious amount of pounds (over 25 lbs), I would recommend you to visit a nutritionist. Else, you can just try to eat healthy, drop junk-food, sodas and large portions. A general healthy diet together with increased physical activity, and some good sleep is certainly enough to drop up to 25 pounds or 11 kilograms.
If you still need me to pinpoint a particular diet, I would recommend one diet that is very popular, the Weight Watchers diet. Weight Watchers is a professional organisation that has all the necessary resources in place to help you lose weight, and they have a variety of diets within their main diet to help you out.

Best Fruit for Weight Loss
Lots of people will claim that this fruit is better than another for the best way to lose weight, but in truth all fruit is good for you in one way or the other. Just make sure you get a balance of colours in the fruit as these have different structures and make ups, and choose both sweet and less sweet ones. Blend them together for the ultimate best weight loss smoothie if you can.

As you already noticed the answer for the best way to lose weight question can’t be generalized. We all have different lifestyles, metabolism and genes. One thing is certain though. A healthy diet, combined with daily physical exercise and a good rest helps everyone!

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  • Scales October 18, 2010, 12:27 pm

    If eating well and walking for miles doesn’t seem to do anything for you, maybe the pounds are actually sneaking on. How? In the form of an extra munch here and there. Try a food scale so you know what you’re really eating!

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