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What Are HCG Injections for Weight Loss?

HCG shot for weight loss

HCG Shot for Weight Loss

HCG injections are shots containing Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced in pregnant women. The role of this hormone is to break down fat stored in the body to use as an energy source for the growing foetus in the womb. Some people claim that it is a wonder solution to weight loss, but very few people have heard of it because world governments want to keep it a secret as it would put many pharmaceutical companies on earth out of business. Believe what you will, but it’s highly unlikely that governments are keeping this quiet since many western countries are facing huge problems with obesity.

One of the main diets that popularised HCG weight loss was one that included following a 500-calorie-a-day diet along with having HCG weight loss injections. A lot of followers reported weight loss, but it is hard to tell whether this came from the 500 a day diet, or from the HCG shots themselves. In any case, following a diet that is so low in calories is very dangerous anyway as it won’t provide you with enough energy to do your daily activities on a long-term basis. This particular diet should certainly be avoided.

Another problem with HCG weight loss programmes is that they are often advertised with ambiguous or sometimes downright absurd claims to try and get you to buy a really expensive product that sounds wonderful, and make the seller rich as a result.

The claims made in support of HCG injections have been disputed for a long time, but in 2009 the American Society of Bariatric Physicians issued a statement saying that there was a lot of evidence that HCG was ineffective in aiding weight loss. They even noted that in some cases it has been shown to increase muscle tissue, thus adding weight to the patient!

Finally, there is another branch of HCG product on the market that you may come across – homeopathic HCG drops; a supposed ‘natural’ way of producing HCG in your body by ingesting certain things. An American government agency recently branded this as a ‘fraudulent’ item as if the item was made by proper homeopathic methods it would contain little or no HCG, resulting in consumers wasting their money on something that doesn’t even contain what they thought they were buying!

To sum up, at the moment HCG injections don’t sound like a credible weight loss idea and it would be best to avoid them for the sake of your wallet. Remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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