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When is Psychotherapy Weight Loss Recommended?

psychotherapy weight loss session

Psychotherapy weight loss session

Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental or emotional conditions through the medium of a trained psychiatrist. It covers a wide range of emotional and mental issues ranging from mental illness to distressing emotional situations involving, but not limited to, stress and dealing with grief. However, it is also possible to achieve weight loss through psychotherapy. Whatever you use psychotherapy for, it takes upon a set format; you generally receive a one-to-one session with a person trained in a form of psychoanalysis where they build a relationship with you and try to work out the reasons for why you’re in your current position and then use that knowledge to turn your situation around and rid you of your problem.

If you’re considering psychotherapy weight loss then you need to understand the aims that this particular type of psychotherapy has. Firstly it looks to improve your body image especially looking at a realistic target for you to achieve; what sort of weight you can reach and how skinny you can, or want, to look. Next self-esteem has to be addressed as it can often be the cause of excessive weight gain. In some cases, anger may need to be reduced, as sometimes anger can be caused by the frustration of not being able to achieve the body you desire. Psychotherapy can also be used to help reduce depression caused by obesity and thus improve social wellbeing.

There are a few reasons why people want to lose weight with psychotherapy, however it isn’t for everyone as weight loss techniques differ from person to person. Some people consider weight loss through psychotherapy as a rather last resort, almost like having some form of weight loss surgery, and it can be fine to think of it like this; if more traditional methods such as dieting or an exercise regime aren’t working then psychotherapy might be an excellent alternative for you. However, some people are completely phased by dieting or weight loss and struggle to achieve the weight loss they require on their own and so they might choose weight loss through psychotherapy as a first resort.

One particular advantage of psychotherapy weight loss is that weight loss becomes a two-person goal so you have your consultant for support the whole way through your weight loss journey. This means that can keep an eye on your progress and if something isn’t quite going right then you can be put back on track by the consultant.

Psychotherapy for weight loss is usually recommended when you can’t find your motivation to lose weight, although you are overweight or obese and your general health is in jeopardy. If you have friends or family that obtained great results with this weight loss technique, or you just feel that you need a psychotherapist to not hesitate to get one from the moment you decide to lose weight.

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