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Who Should Use Whey Protein for Weight Loss?

whey protein weight loss

Whey Protein and Weight Loss

If you’re thinking about whey protein weight loss, you need to ask yourself if this is a suitable weight loss strategy to follow for your specific routine. The answer is rather simple; whey protein is mainly only going to help you if you are doing somewhat intense workout activities, such as going to the gym on a daily basis or doing a decent amount of sport every day. The reason for this is that the protein is designed to help repair your muscles after exercise, as when you are exercising and building those muscles you’re actually creating little tears in them that heal bigger. So, if you’re not doing any particularly intense exercise and are planning to lose weight simply by starting a diet then the extra protein intake isn’t going to have the desired effect.

So when should you use whey protein for weight loss? The thing about protein is that it is absorbed into your body almost immediately so it is a good idea to take it immediately after your workout or sport to help repairing those muscles quickly. However, you can also supplement this by taking whey protein shortly before your exercise (especially if you are planning an intense workout or sporting match), during the day as a snack or even in the morning as you get up. If you are going to take protein though you need to take it regularly and consistently so if you are taking it in the morning make sure you take it every day and at a similar time each day.

When you’re taking whey protein for weight loss it doesn’t actually have to be consumed in the form you buy it in – there are much nicer ways in which to consume it. There are plenty of recipes available to make so-called ‘power drinks’ which are essentially smoothies containing carbohydrates and whey protein powder a long with low fat yogurts, milk and various fruit juices.

Whey protein contains amino acids which are essential for creating and repairing multiple aspects of the body, such as muscle, skin, hair and nails. Therefore when you take whey protein for weight loss, your muscle is enhanced and you can expect to see increased muscle volume in your body as the tissue becomes healthier and larger when it repairs, as well as being stronger.

However, as whey protein is a way of building muscle it may actually make you gain weight rather than lose it simply because it is helping you build up your muscles and these weigh more than fat. However, this shouldn’t be viewed in such a negative light as the weight you are gaining is healthy weight and following whey protein for weight loss will help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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