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Why Are Women the Most Vulnerable to Weight Loss Supplements?


Women that care about their weight.

Although men care greatly about their appearance, we still live in day and age where it is more of a necessity for women to look better than what it is for men. A man can have a beer belly and call it middle age spread or an investment. A man can start going bold and gray without anybody thinking it is a problem. A woman, however, needs to do everything she can to get rid of love handles, excess belly weight, orange peel skin, wrinkles and grey hairs. It appears, therefore that women are more vulnerable to take weight loss supplements. Let’s look at some statistics before reviewing why women are so much more vulnerable and finally looking at some alternative solutions.

Statistics on Weight Loss Supplements
66% of adults in the United States have a BMI of over 25, making them overweight or obese. The last time numbers were counted, in 1998, it was found that between 1996 and 1998, well over 5 million Americans use a prescription weight loss supplement. There are no exact statistics on over the counter weight loss supplements, but records show that tens of thousands of supplements are sold every day, most of them to women. The situation is pretty similar in the UK.

Why Are Women More Vulnerable?
The reason why women are the biggest consumers of weight loss supplements is because of the reasons described above: there is more pressure on them to look good. Opening any magazine or newspaper will show nothing but thin women with perfect hair, perfect teeth and perfect skin. We all know that those images are airbrushed, but they are so far removed from what an everyday woman looks like that the pressure is still on. Women simply don’t look as good as that and this is making them feel inferior.

The Danger of Weight Loss Supplements
Weight loss supplements can actually be very dangerous. Very often, the ingredients are either unknown or untested. People feel confident in buying a product that is marked as being 100% natural, but almost every toxic substance on the planet is based on a natural product. One great example is the supplement that was marketed a number of years ago that contained Ephedrine. Ephedrine is a natural product but it is also incredibly dangerous, with the potential to lead to cardiac arrest and, subsequently, death.

What Can Be Done?
It is easy to say that women shouldn’t care so much about their appearance, but in today’s society, we are all guilty of adding to that pressure. If it isn’t because of the images in popular culture, it is in the statistics of the amount of people who are obese and overweight. Losing weight, however, should be done in a healthy and – most importantly of all – sustainable manner. This means following a good, tailor made womens fitness program and eating healthily. No calorie counting or extreme dieting, but eating a balanced and healthy diet. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the time to go to the gym, nor do we have the money for a personal fitness plan. However, there are certain things we can do that would help tremendously towards our fitness regime. Cycling, for instance, is something that we should all engage in more and something that is incredibly good for our fitness and overall health levels. So, stop taking the children to school in the car, or going to the supermarket by driving. Cycle instead. You are saving yourself and the environment, as well as setting a good example for others. And stay away from potentially dangerous weight loss supplements as much as possible.

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