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Why Your Entourage Affects Your Weight Loss Success

entourage weight loss success
When losing weight, there are good sides and bad sides to having support coming from people we know. Often, weight loss success can depend on it yet, sometimes, the people we are amongst can make it more difficult to obtain such effective weight loss success.

Obviously, the support of friends and family can work wonders for your confidence. They are a constant source of motivation; congratulating you on your losses and encouraging you not to give up if weight loss becomes more difficult. Many families are also incredibly helpful when it comes to meal times. When one member of the household is trying to lose weight, it is much easier to cook one meal for the whole family than cook two – one for the family members not trying to lose weight and one for you. This removes the temptations that make it difficult to lose weight – if there are no chips on the table then you can’t crave them! Being at work can also help you to lose weight. The constant activity – whether it be walking about in a classroom or lifting on a building site – ensures that weight loss success is straightforward. Work colleagues are often more than happy to help you. A system can be set up, for example, whereby if they have something to give to you then you have to walk to them to collect it (instead of them bringing it to you – it’s incredibly easy to set up; particularly as everyone now has a mobile phone with text facility).

However, unfortunately it is often work colleagues that hamper weight loss. The banter in the workplace can spur you on but often it is detrimental to your confidence – one throwaway comment can leave you feeling down and as though weight loss success is impossible. Also, many work places have days where the staff all goes to a restaurant for lunch. Unlike with the family where everyone eats the same, healthy meals the other members of staff are going to eat what they want – often resulting in you being surrounded by greasy foods. It is more tempting to have a pudding as well, because it seems impolite just to sit and watch the other staff eating theirs. This added temptation will make you put on weight and can set you back months of hard work.

Therefore, whilst it is important that our entourage is there to encourage us in our weight loss, it is important to ensure that the company we keep doesn’t pressure us into throwing months of hard work away.

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