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Woman seated next to Obese Passenger receives Refund

Moderator presenting news

Moderator presenting news about woman refunded for sitting next to obese passenger!

A woman disturbed by obese flight neighbor complains to Canadian airline. The result, she receives a full refund an apologizes from Porter Airlines! The flight in question, is a 2 hour flight from Halifax to Ottawa.

Janet Ogilvie, the traumatized passenger, complained that she had to sit in an uncomfortable position during the entire flight:

“I couldn’t put my left shoulder back because she was there…I was pressed up tight against her for the whole flight.”

‘Heroically’ Janet did not say anything to her seat neighbor during the flight, for fearing of embarrassing the lady. She eventually received a full refund, somewhere over $200. Porter Airlines also issued a statement on this subject. Robert Deluce, the company’s C.E.O. stated:

“Porter,will…if given sufficient notice…offer obese passengers a second seat gratis in an effort to mitigate a situation…”

I hope they will offer the second seat next to the first one! Seriously now, I personally don’t think that offering a second seat free, for obese people, is the proper solution. That encourages obesity! People should pay for the 2nd seat and that will encourage them to lose weight!

All individuals with overweight problems should learn a lesson from this experience! Do stick to your weight loss program, return to normal weight and avoid embarrassing moments.

News from: Fox News

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